Is Your Firm's Work Environment up to the Task?

Jun, 2020   ·   2 min read

If you surveyed your clients would they indicate that they were satisfied with the service you provided during the Covid lockdowns? If you performed an internal survey would everyone at the firm say that they were as productive, billable, and efficient as they would have been while practicing law at the office?

If the answer to these questions is no than it is time to upgrade and enhance your practice's management technology. Covid significantly accelerated the need to be able to work from anywhere. This need includes the ability to interact with people, access and manage documents, perform research, and manage your firm with a dispersed workforce.

Now is the time to retire legacy systems, antiquated paper-based client folders and invest in the latest cloud practice management services. Not only will these provide a much more consistent user experience and reduce the technology management burden. This will allow your law firm to become more operationally efficient while supporting the new 'manage your practice from anywhere' reality.

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