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Nov, 2021   ·   6 min read

Most law firms use a variety of marketing approaches to establish a brand and find new clients. These include:

  • Advertising on radio, tv, social networks, or print ads
  • Promoting your law firm through Bar or Alternative Dispute Resolution Associations
  • Being actively involvement in local organizations and clubs
  • Performing outbound email campaigns
  • Instituting Client, employee, or other types of referral programs
  • Using Internet search advertising
  • Advertising using Signs / Billboard
  • Having a website / internet presence
  • Listing on 3rd party referral websites

Given the time and cost of legal marketing it is crucial that the impact and value is maximized. To that end here are some approaches for maximizing the investment for your practice.

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No matter how many marketing channels you use you should always set overall measurable targets and track the outcomes, adjusting as required. Typical overall measures by channel include:

  • The revenue generated by channel and legal practice area
  • The quality of the leads (such as percentage converted into paying clients)
  • Cost of conversion (such as the number of interactions and amount of time expended before signing a retainer)

In addition, you should look to optimize each channel you use to obtain the maximum return on that particular investment. Here are some suggestions per channel that can be used to improve your returns.

Advertising on radio, tv, print ads, social networks, and signs/billboards
  • Review your client demographics and validate that the ads are aligned to your target
  • Target potential new demographics using focused ads for an underserved target demographic and measure results.
  • Test various budgets to determine the best bang for the buck. Remember the rule of diminishing returns.
  • Review results over the long term to determine if the ads perform better during specific times of the year and adjust your spending accordingly.
Promoting your firm on Bar or ADR Associations, organizations and/or clubs
  • Review quality and conversion of the leads for each organization
  • Determine if there is an opportunity to expand involvement that would lead to increased leads / brand awareness (e.g., participate in sub-committees, sponsor events, etc.)
Outbound Email campaigns
  • Use a leading email marketing tool (e.g., Constant Contact, Emma,
  • Measure open and reply rates
  • Refine messaging with A/B message testing
Internet Search
  • Perform/update an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) study using available tools or a service provider and set a budget
  • Implement suggested improvements
  • Review search provider metrics including clicks, search terms, demographics, etc.
  • Law firms and legal practices are competitive, adjust budget, terms, messaging, geography etc. based on results
  • Determine if visits are leading to business leads
  • Determine key words to focus on based on your law firm's practice areas
  • Compare your website functionality and messaging against your top 3 competitors' websites
  • Update functionality as needed
Listing in 3rd party referral websites
  • Validate websites are providing good business leads and worth the investment or fee percentage
  • Periodically update / review information on websites including practice areas and credentials based on websites search criteria/algorithm so that you are a top choice
  • Experiment with several providers to determine which ones works best for your firm and practice areas
  • Some websites provide a free and paid listing (enhanced listing), test to see if a paid subscription is beneficial.
Client, employee, or other referrals
  • Review if the program is working and to what degree
  • Provide appropriate enticements and incentives
  • Market directly to clients and employees highlighting the incentives

The competition is increasing, and marketing is vital to your success. However, marketing channels are expanding, becoming more technical and expensive. Make sure you have a Practice Management system like Caseroads that provides insight into how well your marketing channels are performing for you.

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