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How Caseroads® Helps You

CASEROADS is the next generation, all in one, practice management solution. It is designed around how You work and what You need to serve Your clients. At the same time it enables you to Grow your firm, Reduce your administrative burden, Improve billing and Prepare you for the future.

Helps to Grow Your Practice

Caseroads enables you to manage a larger case load more efficiently. It keeps you abreast of all critical tasks, events and deadlines. It enables you to track and understand the status of each case. It provides insight into how your firm is operating and simplifies managing a larger client base through improved coordination, scheduling, intake and conflict management.

Reduces Your Administrative Burden

Caseroads reduces the effort to on-board clients, manage cases, store and find client or party documents and track case activities. Caseroads integrates with email and calendars to eliminate manual tasks. It reduces or eliminates many of your administrative tasks and makes sure that your time is spent on client value added activities.

Improves Billing

It supports all billing models (time, fixed, contingency, blended or capped fees) as well as paid consultations. It makes creating an accurate, timely bill as easy as generate, review and invoice. It supports billing 3rd parties and spit billing to multiple parties as needed. It simplifies managing retainers and automatically tracks invoices and payments. In addition, the billing component is fully integrated with the CardConnect and LawPay platforms to enable rapid payments through a portal, emails or using auto-pay.

Prepares You for the Future

Caseroads provides in-depth reporting and business insight, enabling a firm to understand how the case load, costs and resource demands are evolving. Caseroads is a modern, cloud based multi-platform (e.g., computers and tablets) application supporting changing workforce needs and expectations. Since it is cloud based, it will automatically be upgraded to the latest computer and security technologies.