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Dec, 2020   ·   4 min read

Modern cloud storage technologies have drastically changed how law firms store and manage documents, solving many of the pain points associated with traditional paper documents and filing systems. Contemporary cloud-based legal practice management systems allow lawyers to work their cases and perform other operational activities from home or anywhere they choose. Historically firms had to address document storage and legal practice management as two separate and distinct activities. However modern technologies can eliminate this barrier. Still many practice management and legal document storage vendors maintain this separation requiring firms to continue to use and pay for multiple services. A better approach is to consolidate cloud document storage (e.g., Google Drive, NetDocs or Box) and cloud-based practice management into a unified single solution thereby allowing a firm to:

  • Save money
  • Simplify their workflow and operations
  • Reduce their security and disaster exposure
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These benefits are amplified if law firm is using a legacy, on premise practice or case management system and client folders containing physical paper. By converting to an all-in-one cloud solution, a firm will receive all the benefits that modern system provides including:

  • The ability to access all critical documents from anywhere from one system with unlimited storage.
  • Eliminating the need to ask staff or couriers to deliver documents or to move stale documents to document storage facilities and back when needed.
  • Avoiding disasters that seem to be happening more frequently. Fires in Colorado and California, hurricanes and flooding along coasts, pandemics, and other medical emergencies. Mother nature tends to strike at any time and any place. Reliance on paper and on-site technology for a law firm can be catastrophic and difficult to recover from.
  • Finding information quickly by being able to use key word and full text search. Whether you are looking to find something in an active case or revisiting an old matter, an electronic repository that is searchable and format agnostic is critical to streamlining your legal document management needs.
  • Improving security while maintaining confidentiality. Stop keeping client folders lying around and risk them being read, lost, or stolen.
  • Eliminate extra expenses. No need to pay for an off-site document storage facility (e.g., Iron Mountain) or on-site technical support to maintain your computers.

Caseroads, for example, is designed to streamline the user experience, provide a secure, searchable document repository with the ability to work from anywhere on any type of device. It provides unlimited storage, on redundant servers, automatically backed up, and secured by bank grade 256-bit encryption. Much like Apple did with the iPhone, we believe that providing a unified, seamless legal practice management solution with integrated cloud-based document storage will facilitate user adoption and allow your firm to realize all the critical benefits.

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