Client Interaction With Law Firms Has Changed Permanently

Oct, 2020   ·   2 min read

Covid-19 has accelerated the changes that have been taking place around how clients and law firms interact. These changes include minimizing face-to-face, in person meetings, increasing the use of electronic document exchanges, more emails and other forms of electronic correspondence, and electronic signatures to name just a few.

Client portals built into practice management solutions will take on a much greater role in communicating and interacting with your firm. Usage of Zoom or other video conferencing facilities will continue to expand. Electronic document storage with Google-like search will be critical. This is just a few of the critical technologies that will become the norm.

Are you prepared for these changes or have you just reacted due to the pandemic? Now is the time to think through the technologies before you are locked in. Critical items to consider include; cost, ease of use, security, operational impact, functionality and how well everything works together. These factors are critical to the long term value of your technology investment.

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