Get going, adoption is key

Jan, 2021   ·   3 min read

Using legal practice management software should not be a chore but a critical aid in running your practice. Many solo and small law firms dread the day that caseloads become too large for their basic processes and they are unable to manage without a system. For large firms they tolerate old antiquated systems rather than convert even though many of the attorneys avoid the system at all costs, it is difficult to use remotely, billing is inaccurate, and payments are slow.

Practice management software can no longer be viewed as a necessary evil. It needs to be considered core to running a successful firm. As pricing pressure increases, caseloads expand, and work environments continue to shift practice management becomes even more important.

Once a firm decides to implement or update practice management software, then, as we have discussed in an earlier blog post "Is Your Firm's Work Environment up to the Task?", user adoption is the key to achieving success.

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The most critical components for firm adoption are:

  • Selecting a modern intuitive system that follows common web design standards and works consistently across all functions.
  • Analyzing current operational processes to determine impacts to and changes required to get the most out of the system. Common areas of improvement we see are: client invoicing, time management, managing deadlines and tasks, and streamlining the client intake process.
  • Developing a plan for firm adoption including how team members will learn the system and related operational changes.
  • Identifying the firm's expectations around the system, what to do if there is an issue, and how to work during the transition.
  • Determining what data is critical, what information needs to be available day one and how will that data be made available.
  • Making sure that you have an implementation plan including a checklist so that client activities are not impacted.
  • Remembering that adoption takes effort, expect bumps in the implementation.

At Caseroads our system design and JumpStart program simplifies adoption. We have used our operational design expertise and web design standards to create an easy-to-use, legal practice management software that is an all in one solution. We assist firms in migrating critical information, we have adoption checklists to help firms get prepared for the rollout. We are available to answer questions and guide a firm through the critical first weeks of usage. We are also happy to address your specific needs as our success is directly tied to your success.

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