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Matter Management

360 degree view with client information, tasks, documents, expenses, time, notes, payments, accounts and more.
  • Manages your entire caseload more efficiently
  • Matter details are at your fingertips including tasks and deadlines
  • Provides auto alerting to avoid missing dates
  • Shows real time status
  • Replicate previous matters
  • Integrates automated court calendaring*

*requires sign-up with partner

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Caseroads Matter Management
Caseroads CRM and Opportunity Management

CRM and Opportunity Management

Turn opportunities into revenue with a push of a button
  • Manages new opportunities
  • Integrates intake process
  • Simplifies capturing client information
  • Easily converts into a matter
  • Enables quick and easy meeting scheduling
  • Tracks conversion rate
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Document Management

Browser-based document management system provides it all: Access, Speed and Security.
  • Provides a fully integrated document management capability - no need for a separate document system
  • Pre-populates a matter with documents and allows you to search for documents
  • Built with a single repository to manage case files, invoices, templates and forms
  • Supports advanced capabilities including document tagging, permissions and version control
  • Outlook integration for easy importing
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Caseroads Document Management
Caseroads Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Automated conflict checks for worry free compliance; no manual lists or documents to check.
  • Potential clients are screened for involvement in current and previous matters
  • Conflicts can be waived
  • Allows for alternate attorney review
  • Conflict check occurs whenever parties are updated
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Tasks and Deadlines

Stay on top of critical tasks and court deadlines. Never miss a critical date again.
  • Create, assign, prioritize, and track tasks
  • Use CalendarRules* to automate court calendaring and deadline identification
  • Create deadline associated tasks so deadlines are met
  • Define manual deadlines to stay on top of other critical dates

*requires sign-up with partner

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Caseroads Tasks and Deadlines
Caseroads Integrated contacts and calendaring

Integrated contacts and calendaring

Schedule, View appointments with a firm-wide calendar while keeping your contact information up to date
  • Supports advanced contact management capabilities
  • Integrates contact information directly into cases and opportunities
  • Provides an Integrated calendar that supports scheduling of meetings and other events firm wide
  • Allows events to be exported to other calendars
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Integrated Time, Expense and Billing

Flexible billing with an easy-to-use invoicing process makes getting paid fast and efficient.
  • Captures and manages all billable and non-billable time
  • Supports many billing models and fee structures
  • Captures and tracks expenses
  • Auto-generates draft and final bill
  • Auto-generates draft invoice (pre-bill)
  • Provides flexible billing schedules
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Caseroads Integrated Time, Expense and Billing
Caseroads Payments


Easily create and distribute accurate invoices and get paid faster
  • Tracks payments and payment history
  • Integrates invoicing and payments
  • Speeds payments using an Integrated payment partner* to accept Credit, Debit and ACH payments
  • Supports email and client portal payments
  • Capture payment profiles and use autopay

*requires sign-up with CardConnect or LawPay as a payment partner

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Trust Accounting

Simplifies management of Trust and Operating Accounts
  • Tracks trust and operating account activities
  • Supports any number of accounts
  • Easily assign an account to a matter
  • Detailed activity reports are available
  • Export data to QuickBooks or Wave Accounting with a push of a button
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Caseroads Trust Accounting
Caseroads Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration

Automate updates to QuickBooks or Wave Accounting
  • Easily select records to transmit by record type or date
  • Types include trust account, payment, and expense transactions
  • Complete flexibility to select just the records you want to transmit
  • Also supports downloads of data to Excel or the ability to print a report
  • Works with QuickBooks desktop and On-line versions
  • Or use Wave Accounting to save money
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Data and Reporting

Understand how your firm is operating and what actions are required
  • Contains built-in reports supporting Attorney, Financial, Operational and Historical needs
  • Offers insights into all aspects of firm operations
  • Provides information at your fingertips
  • Easy to tailor the report output to specific needs
  • Supports easy extraction of data for additional analysis in excel
  • Or print for off-line viewing
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Caseroads Data and Reporting
Caseroads Worry Free Operations

Worry Free Operations

We manage the technology, so you do not have to
  • Cloud Platform - QbitEdge provides the support and management
  • Works with any device with an internet browser
  • New features are automatically added
  • Includes automated data backups
  • Automatically scales to meet your firm's demands
  • Automate decision making to drive greater responsiveness to changing market conditions
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Leading Edge Technology

Reduce costs while using the latest technology and trusted partners
  • Resides in the Google cloud
  • Built with industry leading next-generation technologies
  • Designed with responsive screen technology to adjust to any device
  • Integrates with value-add partners
  • Uses the latest security technologies
  • Designed to be safe, secure and resilient
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Caseroads Leading Edge Technology
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quickbooks wave

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